Domestic Violence 101-
This workshop will explore the complex issues of domestic violence. This discussion will include dispelling myths, and exploring the tactics used by batterers who choose to use violence.

FX of DV on Children -
This workshop will provide attendees with information on the effects of witnessing violence.

Domestic Violence in the African American Community -
This workshop will explore the issues of domestic violence and African Americans. We will also highlight barriers faced by African Americans trying to stay safe, the role of the church and it's historic the influence in the community.

Domestic Violence 101
FX of DV on Children
Domestic Violence in the African American Community


Preventing Domestic Violence Before it Ever Happens -
This training defines primary prevention and provides the basic framework for advocates to work in their community to change the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that support domestic violence. Primary prevention as social change will also be explored. Participants will also learn about national primary prevention efforts.

Preventing Domestic Violence Before it Ever Happens


Service Provider Trainings
Sankofa -
"Sankofa" is an Akan word that means, "We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; in order to enable us to understand why and how we came to be who we are today. This workshop focuses on the importance of rediscovering and practicing values of the Battered Women's Movement in our daily work.

Serving all Women -
This training will discuss the importance of treating all survivors with respect and dignity. Included in this workshop are strategies for working with women who are living with mental illness and substance abuse issues with immigration etc.

Maintaining Cultural Competent Services -
This workshop will explore creating supportive environments that foster mutual education and understanding as we move toward creating programs that are both inclusive and meaningful.

Supporting Healthy Advocacy -
In this workshop participants will learn about vicarious trauma and effective strategies for preventing it. Participants will receive a free meditation cd as part of this training.

Who are We Serving? -
This training focuses on providing women that have been battered with services that support their self esteem and safety.

Serving all Women
Maintaining Cultural Competent Services
Supporting Healthy Advocacy
Who are We Serving?

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